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Majora's Mask Editor
Edit various things in a Majora's Mask ROM.
Note: This doesn't actually let you save changes to the ROM yet.
Oceanside SRM Map
View setups for getting items from the Oceanside HP Chest in Majora's Mask.
Ocarina of Time Reverse Bottle Adventure Calculator
View the RAM Map and see what items will affect which bytes.

ROM Hacks

Ice Arrow is Missing
Oh no the Ice Arrow, it's Missing! Can you find it?!?
Ice Arrow is Missing (IAIM) is a Majora's Mask ROM Hack where the Ice Arrow has been hidden somewhere in the game. Clues are left behind leading to it's location.
Beta Quest
An Exit Randomizer for Majora's Mask.
The randomization is seeded by the name of the file being played on. Exits are one-way.
RBA Challenge
The Reverse Bottle Adventure Challenge.
Ocarina of Time styled RBA has been restored to Majora's Mask. Use RBA and clever thinking to complete a list of goals.
No Hit Challenge
The No Hit Challenge.
Try to beat Majora's Mask taking as few hits as possible.


Zelda Bingo
New and Improved Bingo! Currently only has the Majora's Mask Standard Bingo. This version adds theme customization for the bingo boards. Make them look as beautiful or horrible looking as you want!
Majora's Mask Standard Bingo
The standard Majora's Mask bingo that can be also be found on SpeedRunsLive. Some goal names have been changed to better clarify things. It's possible some seeds may not yield exactly the same cards.
Majora's Mask Japanese Bingo
Majora's Mask bingo with goals by Japanese players.
Majora's Mask HESS Crash Bingo
Bingo where every goal is to HESS Crash off a specific enemy in the game!
Majora's Mask Ice Arrow Bingo
Similar to a standard bingo but instead of doing a Row, Column, or Diagonal you need to do an Ice Arrow Formation!
Majora's Mask Halloween Bingo
A Meme version of Bingo designed around Halloween. 5 different types of goals exist. Getting a "bingo" requires that the player complete all 5 of one type as well as 1 of each of the other remaining 4 types.